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Are you an entrepreneurship instructor at a college/university who wants an EASIER way to prepare students for an investor pitch event (like Shark Tank)?  If so, you came to the right place!

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We help you, the entrepreneurship instructor, tackle your biggest challenges:

Challenge #1 – Raising capital is a critical skill for student entrepreneurs to learn but it takes so much of your time to teach this topic.

Challenge #2 – You want to teach ALL of your students a lifelong skill but most other learning resources are geared toward early-stage, technology startups.

Challenge #3 – An investor pitch event increases engagement of both students and alumni but it can be a lot of work for you, the instructor.


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Entrepreneurship instructors use our University Course for undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship classes


“I reviewed Pitch Creator’s University Course and I was floored. This is an amazing course and I am planning to immediately incorporate it into the curriculum of all of my Entrepreneurial Finance classes starting in 2018!”



Jim Kyung-Soo Liew, Ph.D., Assistant Professor


Jason Pappas, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

Frequently Asked Questions

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In what situations does the online University Course work best?

The University Course works best when an entrepreneurship instructor integrates it into their curriculum and there is an investor pitch event (like Shark Tank) at the end of the semester.

In this situation, the students are more engaged with the class, their business idea and the University Course because they know they will pitch their business to judges at the end of the semester.


How is the University Course different from other learning resources?

1) It works for companies of all types and stages (not just early-stage technology startups) – Check out our Testimonials Page to see the results.

2) It helps the instructor leverage his/her time – the student entrepreneurs take the course online so the instructor does not have to teach the material. See below.

3) It teaches multiple skills and pitches – while most other learning resources focus only on the slide deck, our course teaches the, “Read Me Pitch” and “Listen to Me Pitch” and other required skills.


How long does it take for entrepreneurs to complete the course?

We provide an example 4 week timeline that works for most entrepreneurship classes.


Does the entrepreneurship instructor need to “teach” the course? 

No. It is an online, self-study course so students can take it on their own. However, the students submit their Investment Summary and Slide Deck to their instructor/TA for review and feedback as they progress through the course.


Does the University Course compete with Business Model Canvas (and derivatives)?  

No.  You can think of the Business Model Canvas as great preparation work for our University Course.  If an entrepreneur has developed a Business Model Canvas (or similar), they will have a head start on creating an Investment Summary (“Read Me Pitch”) which covers more topics specific to investors than the Business Model Canvas.

Payment & Trial

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How does payment work?

There are two ways to pay for the University Course:

1) Entrepreneurship instructors make the University Course part of their curriculum and students buy it online from Pitch Creator (like they would a book).

2) Universities purchase a block of licenses before the start of each semester and then students use a code to get access to the University Course for free.


Does Pitch Creator offer a discounted trial?

We are open to discussing a discounted trial for the first semester.  If you are interested, please send an email to with the following:

1) A summary of your entrepreneurship class: when does it start and end? number of students? undergrads or grads?

2) Do you have an investor pitch competition (like Shark Tank) at the end of your course?

More Testimonials

Entrepreneurship instructors use our University Course for undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship classes


“Pitch Creator has the essential ingredients I need to help founders of all shapes and sizes to tell their story in the clearest, most concise and compelling way. In other words, Pitch Creator makes me more effective as an instructor and mentor.”

Henry Mortimer, Director

Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, University of Baltimore

“I purchased the late-stage version of the Foundation Course and completed it; going through the university version now. Very impressed with the content, flow, and ideas presented.”

Josh Smith

Dean, School of Education

Loyola University Maryland

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