Are you an entrepreneur/CEO who needs to raise growth capital for your business but it has been a tough slog?  If so, you came to the right place and you are not alone!

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Pitch Creator provides online courses that help entrepreneurs/CEOs learn (in the most efficient way possible) how to pitch investors and raise capital for their businesses.


The CEOs/entrepreneurs who volunteered testimonials for our website have collectively raised over $50 million for their businesses.  Our Foundation Course was featured in an Inc. Magazine article, “Entrepreneurs Finally Have a Secret Weapon for Creating Pitch Decks.”  link to article

Universities and colleges use a version of our Foundation Course to teach their entrepreneurship students.  Over 275 student entrepreneurs used our course in spring 2018.

Pitch Creator was founded in 2014 as a volunteer, passion project to help entrepreneurs in the Baltimore area learn how to pitch investors and raise money for their businesses; thereby impacting the Baltimore’s job creation potential, economy, and start-up ecosystem. 

CEO’s Challenges

We help you, the CEO/entrepreneur, tackle your biggest challenges when pitching investors to raise capital for your business


Challenge #1 – Fundraising takes so much of your time!

If you could cut your fundraising time in half, how much would that mean to your business? Then what if you could cut the time in half again?

Our Foundation Course is the fastest way to create a pitch to investors because it is designed for efficiency and uses a building block approach. Most entrepreneurs complete the Foundation Course in 2-4 weeks (including multiple in-person feedback sessions with their mentors).

In comparison, many entrepreneurs struggle for 12-24 months on their own to create an effective pitch to investors using inefficient learning materials or inadequate free information on the internet.


Challenge #2 – Getting rejected sucks! 

Angels invest in ~2.5% of the companies they evaluate and Venture Capital firms invest in ~1.0%.

Our Foundation Course improves the odds of an investment by teaching you how to create both a “Read Me Pitch” and a “Listen to Me Pitch” and how to use them both effectively.

Since this is such an important concept, we included it in our FREE mini-course called, “Why is the Read Me Pitch more important than the slide deck.”  Click this link to check it out: Link to FREE mini-course

In comparison, other learning materials and books on how pitch investors focus only on the slide deck (or pitch deck). Therefore, they do not: improve your odds of getting an investment; teach you how to develop and synchronize the two pitches; or teach you how to use both pitches effectively.


Challenge #3 – You need equity capital to grow (and in some cases to survive).

If you need capital to grow then fundraising is the most important job of the CEO/entrepreneur because it can’t be delegated or outsourced to someone else.

In some situations fundraising is a live-or-die event, which can be overwhelmingly hard for the CEO/entrepreneur who shoulders most of the responsibility for it.

The CEOs/entrepreneurs who volunteered testimonials for our website have collectively raised over $50 million for their businesses. Our Foundation Course teaches fundamental principles of pitching investors that can be used:

1) by first-time entrepreneurs or repeat CEOs; and

2) for companies of different stages.

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