Our Mission

If you think of the process of creating a pitch to investors as a continuum from 0 to 100, our goal is to accelerate you to at least 50 as quickly and efficiently as possible with our self-study materials.

Then you will be prepared to work with an instructor (professor, mentor, angel investor, start-up accelerator program, etc.) to go the rest of the way to 100 (getting funded).

Jason Tagler
Founder, PitchCreator.com

Getting Started

Self Study Courses

The best way to get started is by taking our self-study Foundation Course.  For entrepreneurs it is a guide to creating a pitch to investors quickly and efficiently. For instructors it is a tool for making the teaching process more efficient.



After you have worked through the Foundation Course and our other self-study courses, you may want to check out our Resources page. You’ll find books, articles, and other resources that we’ve curated so you can continue improving your pitch to investors and ability to raise capital for your business.


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Our Foundation Course is offered through multiple universities, incubators, accelerators, and angel groups.

Our Learning Program Partners have helped over


Maryland start-ups become successful companies!

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