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Are you an entrepreneur/CEO who needs to raise growth capital for your business but it has been a tough slog?  If so, you came to the right place and you are not alone!

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1) REPORT – The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when pitching investors.

2) MINI-COURSE – Why is a Read Me Pitch more important than a slide deck?


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Pitch Creator was founded in 2014 to create jobs in Baltimore by teaching entrepreneurs how to communicate with investors/lenders and raise capital. Since then we have expanded to online learning:


Entrepreneurs/CEOs  over $70 million has been raised by the people who volunteered testimonials on our website.


Colleges/universities – over 500 students in Maryland have taken our Foundation Course to prepare for an investor pitch events (like Shark Tank) at the end of the semester. Click here to learn more:University Instructors


Incubators/accelerators – use our Foundation Course to prepare entrepreneurs for investor pitch events.  Click here to learn more: Incubator Instructors

CEO’s Challenges

We help you tackle your biggest challenges 


Challenge #1 – You need to communicate effectively with investors/lenders.

Challenge #2 – Fundraising is one job that you cannot delegate or outsource.

Challenge #3 – As the CEO, you have a high opportunity cost of time.

Challenge #4 – Your business also has an opportunity cost of time.

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The CEOs/entrepreneurs who volunteered testimonials for our website have collectively raised over $70 million for their businesses!


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Our online courses are offered through multiple colleges/universities and incubators/accelerators.

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