About Pitch Creator

“If entrepreneurs learn how to pitch investors and raise capital, then we help create jobs and strengthen the startup ecosystem”

 Jason Tagler, Pitch Creator

Pitch Creator is an online learning platform that was founded to create new jobs in the Baltimore area. We do that in multiple ways:

  1. We help entrepreneurs learn how to pitch investors and raise capital for their businesses and they create new jobs.
  2. We sell online courses and reinvest the profits to create jobs (video production and editing, curriculum design, website design, etc).

Pitch Creator is run by a volunteer team. All Pitch Creator profits are reinvested back into the online platform to improve learning outcomes for student entrepreneurs.

Pitch Creator was founded in 2015 as Jason Tagler’s volunteer, passion project to help entrepreneurs in the Baltimore area learn how to pitch investors and raise money for their businesses; thereby impacting the Baltimore’s job creation potential, economy, and start-up ecosystem.  Pitch Creator has grown into an online learning platform, which is used by colleges/universities, incubators/accelerators, and angel groups in multiple states.


Jason Tagler

Volunteer Director and Founder

Jennifer Meyer

Volunteer Advisory Board

Mary Ellen Beliveau

Volunteer Advisory Board

Deborah Tillett

Volunteer Advisory Board

Henry Mortimer

Volunteer Lead Instructor and Advisor
Sean McElroy

Sean McElroy

Volunteer Instructor

Michael Tucker

Volunteer Instructor

Mike Venezia

Volunteer Instructor