One of the things that differentiates our learning framework is that it can be used:

  • by entrepreneurs with all levels of experience; and

  • for companies of all stages.


Therefore, our testimonials are organized in the following categories:

  1. Universities

  2. Early-stage companies and first-time CEO’s

  3. Late-stage companies and repeat CEO’s

  4. Investors, accelerators and angel groups


“I reviewed Pitch Creator’s online, self-study Foundation Course and I was floored. This is an amazing course and I am planning to immediately incorporate it into the curriculum of all of my Entrepreneurial Finance classes starting in 2018!”



Jim Kyung-Soo Liew, Ph.D., Assistant Professor


Jason Pappas, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

“Pitch Creator has the essential ingredients I need to help founders of all shapes and sizes to tell their story in the clearest, most concise and compelling way. In other words, Pitch Creator makes me more effective as an instructor and mentor.”

Henry Mortimer, Director

Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, University of Baltimore

“I purchased the late-stage version of the Foundation Course and completed it; going through the university version now. Very impressed with the content, flow, and ideas presented.”

Josh Smith

Dean, School of Education

Loyola University Maryland

Early-Stage Companies and First-Time CEOs


Carolyn Yarina, CEO



Mark Olcott, CEO

“The Investment Summary (Read Me Pitch) is like working your core muscles for sports. You always have this rock-solid base to lean on no matter what happens. ”


Jared Marmen, CEO, Chord Collar


“Sure, we raised money in prior companies, but Pitch Creator made this time easier. Come next round, we’ll do a Pitch Creator refresher. It’s a no-brainer.” 


PJ Bellomo, Chariman, Blue Sources




Brad Hennessie, CEO


Kristen Valdes, CEO, b.well Connected Health

“As a first-time founder, pitching your company is incredibly daunting. For me, Pitch Creator boiled the art of the pitch down into concise, consumable parts that I used to raise over $1,800,000 in my first seed round.”


Param Shah, Founder and CEO






Winston Frazer, CEO

Late-stage Companies and Repeat CEO’s


“Jason and team helped me professionalize my investor presentation. I knew my business and industry well but did not know how to communicate it effectively to investors. ”



 Michael Keeler, CEO, LeaseAccelerator



Luke Cooper, CEO & Founder


Chris Sleat, CEO, Workbench Platform


Tom Strange, CEO, The Solution Design Group

Investors, Accelerators, Angel Groups


Demian Costa, Managing Partner


Jen Meyer, CEO


logo of Betamore


Deb Tillett, President & Executive Director


 “Pitch Creator is an incredibly valuable framework for entrepreneurs looking to take their pitch to the next level. The Baltimore Angels use Pitch Creator as our preferred guide to what we want to see in a pitch.”



Greg Cangialosi, Chairman and Co-Founder