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If you think of the process of creating a pitch to investors as a continuum from 0 to 100, our goal is to accelerate you to at least 50 as quickly and efficiently as possible with our online, self-study courses.

Then you will be prepared to work with a mentor or instructor to go the rest of the way to 100, which is getting funded.

Jason Tagler
Founder, Pitch Creator

The Foundation Course –

The Fastest Way to Create a Pitch to Investors

The Foundation Course – the Fastest Way to Create a Pitch to Investors!  It is an online, self-study course designed for individual entrepreneurs who want to learn how to: 1) pitch investors and raise capital for their business; or 2) prepare their company for sale.

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The Foundation Course –

For Entrepreneurship Instructors at Colleges

Entrepreneurship Class at UMBC

The Foundation Course for Entrepreneurship Instructors is an online course designed to supplement the curriculum of entrepreneurship classes at colleges, universities, incubators and accelerators.

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