Are you an instructor at an incubator/accelerator who wants an EASIER way to prepare entrepreneurs for your demo day / investor pitch event?  If so, you came to the right place!

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Incubators/accelerators use our Incubator Course to prepare entrepreneurs for investor pitch events




Deb Tillett, President & Executive Director, Emerging Technology Centers (ETC)



“I was thrilled to find this course took a deep dive into the details needed for individuals who are getting ready to pitch investors.  The details and information were great, and we’ve chosen to use Pitch Creator as part of our investment program.”


Kathie Callahan Brady, CEO, Frederick Innovative Technology Center (FITCI)


Pitch Creator Overview

Pitch Creator provides online courses that help entrepreneurs/CEOs learn how to pitch investors and raise capital for their businesses.


$70+ million raised The CEOs/entrepreneurs who volunteered testimonials for our website have collectively raised over $70 million for their businesses.


Incubators and accelerators – Through our incubator/accelerator partners we have helped to impact over 1,000 companies.  Instructors use our Incubator Course in parallel with their curriculum to prepare entrepreneurs for their investor pitch event.  


Universities and colleges – Over 350 student entrepreneurs have used our course in 2018.  Entrepreneurship instructors use our University Course to teach students how to pitch investors, raise capital and prepare for an investor pitch event (like Shark Tank) at the end of the semester. 


Inc Magazine Our Foundation Course was featured in an Inc. Magazine article, “Entrepreneurs Finally Have a Secret Weapon for Creating Pitch Decks.”  link to Inc Magazine article


We help you, the incubator/accelerator instructor, tackle your biggest challenges when preparing entrepreneurs for investor pitch events


Challenge #1 – Pitching investors and raising capital is a critical skill for entrepreneurs to learn but incredibly time consuming for you to teach.

If you could cut the time you spend teaching this topic in half, how much would that mean to you? Then what if you could cut the time in half again?

With our Incubator Course you don’t have to teach! It is an online, self-study course so entrepreneurs can work through it on their own and get feedback from mentors/advisers as they progress. It requires a lot less time from you the instructor. You can use that extra time for mentoring/advising or teaching other topics.


Challenge #2 – You need educational materials which apply to companies of different stages and types and to entrepreneurs with different levels of experience.

Our Incubator Course teaches fundamental principles of pitching investors and raising capital that apply to companies of all stages and types.  Visit our Testimonials Page to see examples of how it is used: a) by first-time entrepreneurs and repeat CEOs; and b) for companies of all stages and types.


Challenge #3 – Your investor pitch competition is great for entrepreneurs and engages local investors/sponsors, but the administrative burden is high.

By using our online, self-study Incubator Course in parallel with your incubator curriculum, entrepreneurs will be able to prepare for the investor pitch competition with much less time and involvement from your team. Then you can focus more time on coordinating the event and inviting sponsors or local investors to participate.

To learn more about how our Incubator Course can help you surmount challenges, check out our FREE report on, “Challenges incubators/accelerators face when preparing entrepreneurs for investor pitch events.”  Click this button to access:


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How is the Incubator Course different from other learning resources?

1) Works for companies of all types and stages (not just early-stage technology startups) – this is great for entrepreneurs who want to start other types of businesses, raise money for a later-stage company, or even get a small business loan. Check out our Testimonials Page to see the results. 

2) Helps the instructor leverage his/her time – the course material has been created and organized with learning efficiency in mind. It is based on a building-block approach, which makes it more efficient for the entrepreneur and instructor.

3) Teaches multiple skills and pitches – while most other learning resources focus only on the slide deck, our Incubator Course teaches the “Read Me Pitch” and “Listen to Me Pitch” and other required skills.


In what situation does it work best?

The Incubator Course works best when entrepreneurs are using it to prepare for an investor pitch event. In this situation, the entrepreneurs are more engaged and focused because they know they will pitch their business to investors and/or judges.


How long does it take for entrepreneurs to complete the course?

We provide an example 4 week timeline that works for most entrepreneurship classes.  


Does the incubator/accelerator instructor need to “teach” the course? 

No! It is an online, self-study course so entrepreneurs take it on their own. However, they submit their Investment Summary and Slide Deck to mentors/advisers for review and feedback as they progress through the course. 


Does the Incubator Course compete with Business Model Canvas (and derivatives)?  

No! You can think of the Business Model Canvas as great preparation work for the Incubator Course. If an entrepreneur has developed a Business Model Canvas (or similar), they will have a head start on creating an Investment Summary (“Read Me Pitch”) which covers more topics specific to investors than the Business Model Canvas.

Payment & Trial

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How does payment work?

There are two ways to pay for the Incubator Course:

1) Instructors make the Incubator Course part of their incubator/accelerator curriculum and entrepreneurs buy it online from Pitch Creator.

2) Incubator/accelerator purchases a block of licenses and then entrepreneurs use a code to get access to the Incubator Course for free.


Does Pitch Creator offer an instructor trial?

Yes! We are happy to provide you, the instructor, with a FREE trial license so you can evaluate the course. If you are interested, please send an email to with the following:

  1. Name and website of your incubator
  2. # of companies in your cohort?
  3. When is your investor pitch competition?


Does Pitch Creator offer a discount for the first cohort?

We are open to discussing a discount for the first cohort so instructors who are new to the Incubator Course can see how it works for them.

Incubator and Accelerator Partners

Through our incubator/accelerator partners we have helped over



More Testimonials

Incubators/accelerators use our Incubator Course to prepare their entrepreneurs for investor pitch competitions


Jen Meyer, Former CEO, Betamore

logo of Betamore

Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

“Pitch Creator has the essential ingredients I need to help founders of all shapes and sizes to tell their story in the clearest, most concise and compelling way.  In other words, Pitch Creator makes me more effective as an instructor and mentor.”

Henry Mortimer, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, University of Baltimore


University Center for Entrepreneurship

“I purchased the individual version of the course and completed it; going through the university version now.

Very impressed with the content, flow, and ideas presented.”


Josh Smith, Chairman of the Innovation Task Force and

Dean of Education, Loyola University of Maryland


     logo of Loyola University Maryland

Angel Group

“Pitch Creator is an incredibly valuable framework for entrepreneurs looking to take their pitch to the next level. The Baltimore Angels’ use Pitch Creator as our preferred guide to what we want to see in a pitch.”


Greg Cangialosi

Founder, Baltimore Angels